Freight Claims

Freight Claim Guidelines - see pdf


Listed below are the recommended steps to take should you need to file a freight claim.


1. Inspect
Inspection prior to signing the delivery receipt is a must! If you see any damage, note the damage on the delivery receipt.


2. Sign Bill of Lading
If any damage is found, note the number of damaged doors on the Bill of Lading. It is imperative that the correct number of damaged doors be noted on the Bill of Lading. Immediately contact the freight carrier and request an inspection of the damaged doors. Save all packing material until after the freight company’s inspector has seen the doors. If damage is not noted on the Bill of Lading, the carrier will not honor any freight claim.


3. Document with pictures
High resolution pictures need to be taken to document the damage. Pictures should be taken of the pallet before unpacking as well as the individually damaged doors.


4. File Claim
Five Lakes Manufacturing can assist you in filing a freight claim if the above procedures are followed. If no damage is noted on the Bill of Lading and concealed damage is discovered later the freight claim must be filed by the customer, not by Five Lakes. This is a requirement of the freight carriers not Five Lakes. In this instance all we can do is provide you with information necessary to file the claim.